Monday, February 28, 2011

I Don't Judge - My Baby Has Chipped Teeth

I'm not a first time mom, I know that toddlers will have accidents. I'm not talking about the potty kind of accident, but real falls and bumps along the way. They're unsteady on their feet, they go to fast and don't have brakes that work all the time and they sometimes just run into things because they are too excited and don't see things.

So, I've been through it all once before and I have to say I did well the first time. Aaron had very few falls and never had a cut or any scrapes that bled until he was well over two years old.

I'm pretty sure I'm the same type of mother (in fact, a more experience one) yet I'm starting to see a different story with the other little guy. You may recall that at six months old, he already managed to cut his finger and need three stitches.

And since he's started walking, he spends a lot of his time chasing after Aaron. Its natural that he'd want to do everything that Aaron does. Unfortunately, this has led to many accidents - falling this way and that, tripping on a toy or maybe his own feet and just bumping into things. Once, he tripped and bit is tongue

The other day, I discovered something that really made me feel like I need to have my eyes on him even more than I do now. His two front teeth are chipped! The dentist has assured me that its no big deal and as long as the teeth don't get dark colored, everything will be fine. The problem is that I have no idea when or how this happened?

Shortly after I made that discovery, I noticed that his toenail was about to drop off. *sigh* What has this baby been doing?? I've been there for all the falls haven't I?

Today, a friend generously helped to watch Adrian in the playground while I attended a parent/child session in Aaron's classroom. When we met up, she showed me that Adrian had tripped and grazed his forehead on the footpath. I know she felt bad about it but I said "Hey, I'm a mother whose baby has chipped teeth. I don't judge..."


Mike said...

At least they're not doing the stuff that was in the email.... yet.

Fiona said...

Kaeden fell off his mobile car (you know, the cheapo one without thought of balance in making), well when he was nearly two years old. Then about 2 months ago, I found that his chipped tooth, a result of the fall, started to turn grey-black. It was only when I brought him to the dentist (his first time then) to ask then it dawned on me that it takes about a year for the tooth to get to that stage. The tooth "is dying" as the dentist put it.

the strange thing is the greyness starts fading off after the visit. maybe my mental energy focus is working on it. and I focus on that tooth when brushing his teeth. maybe that helps too?

:) anyhow, I imagine Adrian must be having lots of fun exploring and playing, despite the mishaps. His motor skills must be really strong!

egan said...

That's the spirit. Chipped teeth add character and they're only baby teeth. Does Adrien get many ear infections? I notice our daughter is much more unsteady on her feet when she has an ear infection.

Amanda said...

Mike - Yes, I have all those to look forward to.

Fiona - Oh No! I didn't realize it happened to Kaeden...I'll be looking for that colour change everyday now.

Egan - So far, he hasn't had any ear infections (that I've known of). Haven't noticed him in any discomfort there. Maybe I should pay more attention to see if thats something that is happening with him.

Mike said...

I forgot to mention that you should go to Raquels site and read this...