Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weird and Wacky Gadgets I'd Like

There was an entertaining news article today entitled "Weird, wacky and useful travel gadgets". It cites the example of wheels on suitcases as a once wacky gadget that people didn't expect to take off. Now, they've become a must have in almost all situations. Amongst the new-ish gadgets listed are the scanner proof underwear, Doberman luggage protector, hanging tents, banana guards and caffeine impregnated soap. You can read the full article here.

As I think through the day I've just had, there are a few gadgets that would make my life that little bit easier:

1) A tiny GPS system that I can pin to the back of Adrian's shirt (so that he won't pull it off) that will announce aloud the areas of the house that he is approaching. This should be able to be configured to only call out areas of concern. For example "2 meters to stairs" or "1 meter from rubbish bin".

2) An integrated remote control key that gives me the option of unlocking the front door and car doors at the same time. And then of course, lock the front door as soon as I start the car engine. Maybe it could unlock the front door as soon as the car drives into the driveway. For security purposes, the front door and car locks will need to be matched together somehow. You may wonder why I would need help with such a simple task but when you're carrying a big nappy bag and wrestling a little guy that tries to snatch your keys - this will help A LOT.

3) Following on from gadget #2, an additional button that will actually open the doors for me. Maybe this gadget exists already....

4) A "magnetic" toy box that can be turned on to attract all the toys back into the box. The special magnet will need to be able to attract plastics as well. And it has to somehow weave through any children standing in the way. I believe in training children to pick up their toys but this feature would come in very handy now when Adrian isn't quite there yet.

5) Umbrellas that can close by just pushing a button instead of struggling to push a button and pull down to collapse it. It would be even better if it collapsed into an enclosed, quick drying case. And to make it worth the premium price, it should be able to balance somewhere on an open car door so that I can strap Adrian into the car seat without getting all wet.

Its been a long day and I'm off to dream of more ways to help make my days easier. Is there a gadget that you could do with today?


Mike said...

I think I may get one of those see-through tents. And then give it to someone else.

Bilbo said...

What a great idea for a blog post! I think I may have to steal ... I mean ... borrow this idea for myself! That said, the self-opening and collapsing umbrella would be worth its weight in gold also for those of us who have to walk large dogs in the rain and balance umbrellas, leashes, poop bags, flashlights (at night), etc.

Brian O said...

I think the "gadget" that you really need is a butler. :)