Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lego at GOMA

We have had a BIG weekend. It was completely child centric and we enjoyed it immensely. One of the most refreshing things about watching children is witnessing the excitement that they have for simple things and the genuine awe that they demonstrate when presented with something new. As we "grow up", we're often enslaved by appearances and what we think other people might think of us. Also, as children, there are more 'first experiences' where you don't try to compare something with something else from the past.

Well, these past two days, I really felt that we had immersed ourselves completely in enjoying the same things that Aaron and Adrian do. The weekend seemed particularly carefree...

The Museum, State Library and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) re-opened this weekend after being closed since the January floods. The three places are next to each other and we went to all three. Jurassic Joe played four concerts a day at the Museum, Aaron's Saturday sing-along at the library resumed with a special band playing and GOMA's exhibition was 21st Century: Art in the first decade.

Needless to say, the singing at the museum and library were lots of fun but the "WOW" moment came for me at GOMA.

I have come to love Lego. Didn't like them much as a child but since I started playing with Aaron....I love 'em. So, when I saw the white area with elegant looking mini-buildings, I thought "Thats interesting". But then, I realized they were made of Lego and the table was FULL of Lego brings for anyone to go build.


Seriously, I was suddenly a child again and I was excited, exhilarated and feeling so happy because it was the first time I had access to so much Lego.

Aaron and I were not there for long enough and we're planning to go back. Richard and Adrian looked through the rest of the exhibition but it was too close to nap time so we had to tear ourselves away. (And I haven't even seen the rest of the exhibition yet!)

What I liked best was that all the bricks were white and I didn't need to do any matching or look for a particular color. There were plenty of bricks of all sizes right there in front of us. No running out of anything! The whole white bricks look just made me think of it even more as heaven....

OK. For all my raving about how much I loved it and how much I like Lego, this is all I had time to make today. Not the amazing structures in the background, the oval building with the double helix is mine....

I need to go back. I would love to try to build something HUGE.