Monday, May 18, 2009

Time For Some Blogging!

I usually get to stick to my normal blogging routine when in Ipoh but things aren't working out so well this trip.

Firstly, my mother has been working on the music and the seating arrangements for my grandfather's party. This doesn't sound like a big deal at all except that the guests list has been changing on a daily basis. The party is in 4 days! My grandfather also has the final say and he has lots of input on who should sit with whom and which group of people should get a "better" table.

Secondly, this computer is at deaths door. I have no idea if its just age or maybe daily attacts by all sorts of viruses/worms/snakes or whatever! We have spent so much time trying to scan it, clean out unused programs, defragment it, install/uninstall virus protection and have reached the stage of dumping it. It takes so long to switch from program to program that I can go make myself a drink in between.

So, when we're not being frustrated with the computer, I have been driving my mother around Ipoh. To the restaurant where we're having the party, to the shops to get all the bits and pieces she needs, to the markets to order flowers and to the tailors where we're getting two shirts made for my grandfather. And, there will be more driving to come this week. Thankfully, Aaron still needs a nap sometime in the middle of the day so we all get a break at that time. There aren't many things on the to-do list but they just seem to take so long to get done. Each place we go to requires multiple trips so I'm glad we're all still cheerful about doing all this. Even Aaron has been very patient with all the car trips and waiting around.

On the weekend, we managed to squeeze in some time at a secluded stream. It worked even better than the place we went to last weekend. The water was cleaner and shallower. Perfect for Aaron to setup his "construction site".

The place was actually near a real construction site. So we were going to show Aaron some bulldozers at work but forgot that it was Saturday.

Look at the hills in the background here. Ipoh is surrounded by limestone hills and unfortunately for stream lovers like us, this place is going to become some exclusive residential area for the rich with bungalows nestled amongst the hills. Its not shown in this photo but the first phase of the houses are completed and they are literally in between hills and has some of the water diverted into lakes. It is a pretty place to live. I'd take photos but we couldn't get pass security and I just peered in from the outside.

I miss my regular blogging routine but I doubt I'll get another post in for another few days. See you all when I see you.


John said...

Thanks for the post and pics. I appreciate them when ever you get the chance. At least you have a good reason for irregular posts. I just get lazy!

wv: orbatier..person that uses Orbitz over travelocity or priceline,

Mike said...

Send me the guest list. I'll come up with a nonpartisan seating arrangement for you.

Anonymous said...

I think it is about time to dump the computer. After 5 years of use, it needs to be changed!

Nap Warden said...

Funny how you miss the blogging routine when you're away. I'm exactly the same way:)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

That sounds lovely and one experience definitely worth dishing ole blogging for Amanda. That scenery is just so beautiful!