Monday, May 11, 2009

No Repeats At Breakfast Yet

I think I've mentioned it before that we have the same thing for breakfast 7 days a week in Palembang - Oatmeal. We have tried adding all sorts of things to it but its still something that I have trouble swallowing. I think its to do with the type of oatmeal we get there too - extra cardboardy flavour.

Anyway, here in Ipoh, my parents usually have oatmeal 7 days a week too but for the past 7 days since we got back, we have had something different for breakfast every single day. Phew!

Coffee shops here aren't places that specialize in coffee. They have coffee there but the term usually refers to an extremely casual restaurant where you can get reasonably cheap and simple food. Of course, like all restaurants, there are some that are more famous than others. We have been hitting all the famous ones this past week. Well, even if they aren't famous, they are on my family's coffee shop list.

Here is what a typical one looks like. We met my grandparents and aunt there for breakfast this morning. They arrived first thats why they already have food on their half of the table. The black drink you see on the table is iced black coffee.

Most people here would have breakfast at a coffee shop several times a week. I know we can't keep this up but since we arrived last Tuesday, we have had:

Wednesday - Flat noodles in sort of chicken and prawn broth.

Thursday - Roti Chanai

Friday - Dim Sum (sometimes referred to in the west as Yum Cha)

Saturday - Hakka Noodles (different type of flat noodle with minced pork).

Sunday - Dim Sum again at a different place. Ok..maybe this is a sort of repeat but it was for my grandmother on Mother's Day.

Monday - Rice vermicelli in a clear broth with fishballs.

Tuesday (today) - Wonton Noodles

I should have taken photos of all these! I think its all coming to an end soon as I feel too unhealthy indulging like this every day.


Scott and Elaine said...

Amanda, your grandparents don't seem to have aged much since the last time i saw them. They still look fantastic at their age. Anyway, hope you're having a fabulous time in Ipoh! Take care!

Nap Warden said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! Did I read you right...noodles for breakfast?

Mike said...

You need to start putting stuff in your oatmeal, like cinnamon. Or start ordering over the internet cases of preprepared oatmeal like we have here.

kelly said...

Amanda,that's what we do in Johor too...we will have our meals here and there when we are back to Johor...and Wen Hee loves it...hahah...Nasi Lemak is still my favourite for the breakfast, not healthy though...

btw, noticed that you and aaron's t-shirts are same design? cute!

fiona said...

that's what i miss! a variety of breakfast (also lunch/dinner) from kopitiams. yum!
your grandparents make a handsome/pretty looking couple. :)

johnorford said...

Come on you could get all that stuff and more in Palembang, just make the effort!