Friday, May 8, 2009

Lazy Days In Ipoh

Finally, I get some time at the computer. Its not that we have been extremely busy. Instead, this computer seems to be busy doing things that it shouldn't be doing and slowing everything else down. We've tried scanning if of viruses, defragmenting it, getting rid of those *.tmp files and lots of other things but I think we need to call in the professionals here. Its tolerable now but by tomorrow morning, I think it will be back to changing screens at the speed of snails again.

We haven't done all that much since arriving late Tuesday night. We've spent quite a bit of time at my maternal grandmother's house. She's got a swing in her garden and also a cute dog so there is a lot of attraction there for Aaron.

Aaron really loves animals at the moment. At least, he thinks he loves them but it has always been from a distance. So far, he has been watching the cats outside our Palembang gate, or the birds playing in the puddles, or more frequently, the animals from Disney's animation, The Jungle Book. He tries to get close to any stray dogs or cats we see in Palembang but we always stop him.

The dog in my grandmother's house, Sue, is nearly a year old and extremely playful. Aaron was shocked at first and still spends a lot of the time just watching from the safety of a chair with his legs tucked in but little by little, the two of them have been making friends. Sue seems very patient with him too.

This afternoon, I drove my mother to an old part of Ipoh. We were double parked outside so I waited in the car. Here is a photo of the shop she went in. Regular readers, doesn't it look very similar to some of the scenes from Palembang?

One of the first things my mother said on her first trip to Palembang was that it looked like Ipoh 50 years ago. Yet, I'm sure that a person from Palembang might feel that there are plenty of similarities right now.

I like that Ipoh still has many old areas and have always hoped that the city would refurbish the old buildings but it doesn't look like thats a priority at the moment.

Alright, I'm off to take a look at what all of you have been up to.


Mike said...

That looks like some of the stores in Prague.

fiona said...

Aaron looks so CUTE with the puppy!

fiona said...

it's nice to be home and just go through the days without any plans, isn't it? :)
Aaron looks cute in his new haircut. Wish Gioia can learn some tips from Sue.