Monday, November 3, 2008

Cubby Mansion!

I've been taking Aaron all around Brisbane to wherever there are free concerts. Yesterday, it was the St John Ambulance concert band at a park. I had never been to this park before and just imagined some open ground with shade for the concert band.

To my surprise and Aaron's absolute delight, the park had an enormous, wooden, play area. The only way I can describe is is "Cubby Mansion" as opposed to "Cubby House".

It was huge and was like a maze inside. It zig zagged in all directions with slides coming off the sides and monkey bars scattered around the place. It also had a lookout from the center and more than enough swings outside.

Remember yesterday's post about Aaron misbehaving during Sunday Mass. Well, he seemed to think that this area of the Cubby Mansion was a church and he needed to kneel down to say a prayer. Making up for his earlier naughtiness I guess :)

My dad came in to see what we were doing and got this last shot of Aaron. Look at that face! He had just been 'run over' by a train of pre-teen kids.

As for the concert band, they were alright. Good background music but nothing engaging enough to warrant sitting down and listening intently. The Cubby Mansion was way too much fun.


Anonymous said...

I like the praying photo!...LOL!

John said...

looks like a great place to be a kid!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

There seem few others around there.

Nap Warden said...

Wow...that looks like a great place to play!

Mike said...

First trains, now an ultra playground. I may come over there yet.

Bilbo said...

The Pentagon looks a lot like this, but not as much fun.

GJ said...

Amanda, was it the one in Chermside?? There is a smaller version one over in Sandgate right on the waterfront, it is really worth a trip and grab some fish and chips too.


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