Sunday, July 6, 2008

Would you like to come over?

This weekend has been very enjoyable for the whole family. The theme was 'New Friends'. We invited some new friends over on Saturday afternoon and they brought along their 4 year old daughter. She was a little shy at first but eventually, we found out that she shared a common interest with Aaron; The Wiggles. Later, we all went for a walk and let the kids play around with Aaron's tricycle in the basketball/soccer area in the neighborhood.

Along the way, Aaron stopped by his new friends house to ask them out to play. It was funny to see this little (almost) 2 year old standing on his tiptoes and pressing his face through their gate. He called out in Indonesian for the girl (Pani) and her brother (Fredo) to come out to play. Later on, he invited them (un-prompted) over to his house to play. He has done this for several days this week now. Soon, he's going to have to learn to ask me first but for now I'm still thinking its cute.

This afternoon, we went over to our Korean friend's house. Their 6 year old daughter wasn't home but the 1 year old boy was. It was so cute to watch the two little boys. On the way out, Aaron, again, tried to invite the little boy over to his house. We'll have the whole neighborhood over in no time :)

Well, 1 year olds are still too young to follow 2 year olds home. But, when we got home, Pani and Fredo were waiting at the gates to play with Aaron. I'm not sure if its Aaron they're interested in or the stash of new toys they have discovered.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

The stash of new toys could be a contributing factor!

Mike said...

If you get a new super computer and a new wide screen TV with a hugh surround sound system, "I'll" come over to your house to play.

MamaGeek said...

Oh how lovely Amanda!

And it's funny you should mention the Wiggles! We've never seen 1 episode and a friend of mine SWEARS by the guys. At most, we watch 1 hour of TV a day - and I have yet to find the show!

Bilbo said...

Aaron may have a bright future in the hospitality industry!