Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #17

13 Strange Searches That Landed People Here

1. What clothes go with yellow shoes?
If you're an adult, I don't think ANY clothes go with yellow shoes.

2. i am looking for denim skirts that are orange and green
I'm sure this person must have a good reason for wanting something like this.

3. bar girls in malaysia
There were multiple searches with these words even if they were sometimes in a different order. They must have been disappointed when they clicked on "The Milk Bar"

4. dog grooming in sitiawan
Sitiawan is a very small town near my hometown of Ipoh. I didn't think that people there would look for dog grooming services.

5. "farter in heaven"
I hope this is somebody who read my post about Aaron praying and was looking for it again. Otherwise, I can't imagine why somebody would be thinking about farters in heaven.

6. lady boys in palembang indonesia
Maybe this person would have had more luck searching 'Banci'. I'm told thats what the Indonesian word is.

7. amanda balding
OK. Is there somebody out there who thinks I'm balding?

8. Indonesia husband
I've heard of mail order brides but never grooms.

9. husband punished wearing diaper
Er....all sorts of people in the world!

10. bar for eyelashes
I had no idea what this was until I searched it myself. Its a place where they sell eyelashes. Take a look at this example.

11. eyebrow bar brisbane
Initially, I thought this was strange but when I searched it, its actually a place where people go to get their eyebrows shaped. Still, it does sound funny doesn't it? Imagine saying "I'm just going down to the bar for a pluck/wax".

12. I had to pee during the flight
Can't figure out what this person could be searching for...

13. bilbo pregnant
Bilbo, I think this takes the cake for being the strangest!


Nap Warden said...

Wow, some of those are....well, crazy! I had one that was "what to wear when you are pregnant". What?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am an ex-pat in Palembang also who has been meaning to contact you for ages but has not got around to it! Conatct me at & maybe we can meet up or something?
Hope to hear from you soon

Kellan said...

#1 and #5 are so funny. Great list, Amanda. See you later - Kellan

MamaGeek said...

Oh this was so stinking hilarious Amanda. I have to tell you that Amanda balding one made me giggle out loud. HILARIOUS!

And dudette - have you ever noticed how frequently your posts appear on blogrush? THEY DO. You so deserve it of course but I just HAD to tell you again.

Bilbo said...

As for #13, all I can say is IT ISN'T MINE!!! Oh, and I got the first letter back today from the letter-writing experiment (not counting your card) - Andrea's nice, chatty letter arrived in today's mail. It only took two days to get here...I think ours will average a lot longer than that!

egan said...

Are you balding? If so, that would be reason enough not to become a parent.

Hey, is Andie legit? Be careful yo!