Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thick As Thieves

Well, the holidays are over and Aaron was back at school again today. I had a really good time with both Aaron and Adrian home at the same time. They must have really enjoyed the time together too because while Aaron was at school, Adrian kept asking to go pick him up. And immediately after getting into the car, I heard Aaron ask Adrian "Did you miss me?" I think it was Aaron that was missing Adrian.

This is the part that I enjoy most about having to deal with the two of them. They are little terrors a lot of the time but they can be so sweet too. And I think right now, they really are each other's best friend. Having said that, Aaron recently had a bruise next to his eyebrow because Adrian swung a broom at him, on purpose.

And even better than the both of them being such good pals - they think I'm the best. They fight over who gets to be my best friend! So, all three of us are thick as thieves'. *sigh* These are the simple things in life that make me happy. I wonder how long thats going to last. According to Bilbo's Mothers' Day posts, all this love and attention for me might start disappearing when they get to around twelve.

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Mike said...

Puberty will come soon enough.