Friday, July 6, 2012

Monkey Magic

When I took this photo, all I saw was that their jumpers and vests were co-incidentally color coordinated.

And then, when I looked through the photos on the computer, I noticed the rake and the broom and they reminded me of a favourite TV show that I haven't thought of in eons.

I know I haven't spent the time to cultivate a larger following here but, does anyone recognize this group of travellers? 

Maybe not, it was a Japanese production that was filmed on location in China and subsequently dubbed into English. The BBC produced the English speaking version and I think the shows were screened in the UK and Australia in the 80s. Its now a 'cult classic' and supposedly, it had a larger following here in Australia than in Japan!

I've watched many versions of the classic Chinese story "Journey To The West", about the monkey king that accompanied Tripitaka to India to fetch holy scriptures, but this is definitely the best. Initially, the dubbing made the show strange because Monkey had a husky voice and a very exaggerated Asian accent (does anybody know what I mean by that?). And the whole time, I wasn't sure if the monk was played by a man or a woman, it had me guessing the whole time! But after awhile, it was because of all this 'strangeness' that I became addicted to it.

There was a lot of fighting against monsters and evil but I don't remember it being violent. There wasn't a lot of blood and there was always that lesson of goodness by the end of the episode. I'd love to get a copy of this so that Aaron can watch it. 

Here is a clip of the opening of each episode.

It would be good if I had some of these episodes handy for the weekend. Aaron spent the day at the hospital having his teeth fixed up and is quite sore and grumpy after the whole ordeal.

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Mike said...

The one in the grey outfit looks like Mickey from the singing group The Monkees.