Sunday, July 8, 2012

Iron Man Teeth

Aaron is almost back to normal today. On Friday, he ended up having one filling, one pulpotomy and one tooth extracted. Those were all expected. The mini surprise was that the second pulpotomy was not needed after all.

Here he is right before we went into the operating theater. He had spent the morning reading a good book and as we were waiting in this holding area, they put on a video for him. So he was happy. And excited!

What I would have liked to have taken photos of was the operating theater - so many machines and big lights about. I remember thinking to myself how great it would be if they would all just stop and let me get a few photos for Aaron to look at afterwards. But of course, I wasn't silly enough to do something like that - its just these phones with cameras in them that tempt me all the time I was only in there to hold his hand until the General Anesthetic took effect and then they ushered me out and I had two absolutely quite hours to myself. Apart from them calling every 30 mins to let me know what they were doing, I was uninterrupted the entire time and, I'm not ashamed to admit it, I welcomed and enjoyed that time.

He wasn't quite so happy when he came out. In fact, he was miserable from both the after effects of the G.A. as well as the work that was done in his mouth. We stayed another 90 minutes in the hospital before going home. He was tired and slept the rest of the day and still had an early night. Since then, he's been enjoying an incredible amount of pampering from me.

When he finally remembered to look in the mirror, he got quite upset. "I don't look nice anymore" has been repeated many times this weekend. The crown he has is stainless steel and so is the spacer. The crown is on the bottom left so when he smiles, it is visible but its going to be something we all have to get used to. I'm trying to tell him its Iron Man Teeth but that doesn't mean anything to him because he's not into Iron Man. Hopefully he'll get used to the way he looks soon because he's been trying not to open his mouth when he smiles and speaks.


Mike said...

Your going to have to get some pictures of the new smile.

Scott and Elaine said...

Poor Aaron.. Hope he is ok. I remember being terrified of anything dental when i was little.. And still am now. And worse still the dental nurse was a friend of my mum's i think. Hugs and kisses to him. Such a brave boy!

P/s: been sick for the last two weeks. And you have probably been busy with your boys in particular with aaron's teeth. We can meet up when we are both better if you like. Take care. xxx