Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FIFO Teeth

We've had a totally unexpected event today. The story according to Aaron is that he was tearing up some paper and he accidentally hit himself in the mouth and his tooth came flying out and landed on the floor. We've been focusing all our attention on that molar of his that I didn't notice that this tooth was wobbly - and he never said anything.

I dug through my archives to find a photo of the first tooth into his mouth and its the same one! I didn't know they followed the FIFO rules? He also cut two teeth at almost the same time (you can see the second one vaguely in the photo below) so does that mean that he's about to lose that neighboring tooth too? By next week he could be short of three teeth. EEK!

His friends have been talking about the tooth fairy. And the other day, I found out that a tooth is worth anything from $2 to $5. The tooth fairy never visited me so when he asked me if anything was going to happen tonight I told it to him straight "The tooth fairy doesn't visit us." He made a little snorting sound at that answer and said that he knew it wasn't real and that parents were doing it. AND, that he didn't expect me to. Phew! (Parents, don't worry, I told him not to tell the other kids. Just in case.)

I guess these are the final bits of his 'babyness'. Once all the baby teeth are gone, nothing about him will be a baby anymore.


NomadicExpat said...

Oh how time just flies by...! Soon, he will be taller than me!

Bilbo said...

$2 to $5 for a tooth???? Wow! Even the tooth fairy has succumbed to wild inflation! I remember getting a nickel for a "regular" tooth and a dime for a molar!

Mike said...

25 cents was the normal fare at our house.

Amanda said...

NE : I know! Especially when you only see him once every couple of years.

Bilbo : Exactly. That news was what finally made up my mind that the tooth fairy wasn't coming. We talked about how we can aim to keep the full set of his teeth for him to look at in his old age.

Mike : Do you remember what you used to buy with the 25 cents?