Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things You See and Hear In The Supermarket Line

Waiting in line at the supermarket is usually a mundane situation. If I don't have to keep either Aaron or Adrian in line, I'm usually looking at what the person in front of me has picked up. I don't think I'm judging the person in any way, I'm just looking at them and looking at what their diet appears to be like based on what I can see in their trolley. Sometimes I see an early twenties person and they have packets of chips and Coke. I think "Yummy! I wish I was young and oblivious enough to shop that way."

Well, today was a bit of a special day in the supermarket line. It wasn't so much what I saw but what I heard.

There was a lady and her two daughters behind me. The mother was going on about how she had to rush back to get ready the guest bedrooms. It sounded ordinary enough but then she said "Oh, don't forget to wash the guest toothbrushes. Have to make sure they're clean and dry before I put them out."

WHAT??!?!? EEW!

First of all, don't people usually bring their own tooth brushes?

Secondly, if somebody did forget, wouldn't you offer them a new and packaged one?

And thirdly, it sounds like this is a normal practice with the lady. Just like how hotels offer you a toothbrush, she offers her guests one. A used one.

That lady and her hospitality has been popping in and out of my thoughts since going shopping this morning. This isn't a normal practice right? People don't provide house guests with toothbrushes do they?

Maybe I misheard what the lady was saying....but I don't think so...


Bilbo said...

I hope she puts that paper ribbon over the toilet seat, too.

Mike said...

Yuk! I would never use an opened toothbrush in someone elses house.