Saturday, September 17, 2011

Change of Season

Yes, I've been lazy again. Its been a whole week since my last post. I don't think I've done all that much out of the usual routine but it feels as if a lot has happened. We've definitely move into Spring (maybe even Summer) and life feels quite different.

Mother nature must have been working overtime to bring the hot weather. Last week I was still wearing a jacket on most days but I've since had to dig out my sleeveless tops and shorts. Its nearly 30 degrees Celsius these days! (By the way, one of the scariest moments in every year must be the first time I pull on my shorts after winter. Will they still fit?)

Also, seven days ago, Adrian was in a nappy 24 hours a day but as the weather warmed during the week, we have now moved to being nappy free whenever we're in the house. Its a LOT of extra work for me with all the false alarms and the real alarms that are missed but we've had a few successes. I feel a tiny bit sad about toilet training because its such a significant step away from babyhood.

Anyway, here are a few photos from our day at Southbank.

Giant Modified Disco Ball

You'll see from this next photo that I made up the name above for that ball of mirrors.

I was actually a little disappointed with that big ball because I thought the advertised photos showed children up close to it and touching the mirrors. But, this sign still had me spending longer than I would have in the sun. Firstly, it was the official name - Golden Casket Light Sphere. Somehow, that name makes me think of the afterlife with Casket, Light and Sphere. And then, there is the designers name...that had me laughing to myself for awhile. (click to make the photo bigger.)

This next display was more fun. It was an interactive light tunnel. The displays changed with movement within the tunnel. This photo shows Aaron's outline in red.

And here, the solid colored panels seemed to move with Aaron.

The school holidays are here and hopefully, we'll have a fun filled two weeks with some new experiences for me to share here.


Mike said...

Naturally just the opposite with weather here. It's finally cooling off after some 40 degree celsius days.

Fiona said...

happy school hols!

Bilbo said...

I love the giant disco ball! And I'm with Mike ... we're finally starting to cool down a bit. You are welcome to the hot weather!