Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aussie Slang

I picked up this hilarious book today - The Little Book of Great Aussie Slang. We were at the organic markets at Northey Street and this book was lying on a table with the sign 'Free Books', so, I picked it up, looked it through and took it home with me.

There are plenty in this book that I have never heard before and I thought I'd share a few here today.

1. Bend the elbow - to drink excessively.

2. Brick short of a wall - simple person.

3. Full as a fat woman's underwear - drunk.

4. Going to see a man about a dog - to urinate; to go somewhere without revealing exactly where.

5. If it was raining custard I'd only have a fork - to be very unlucky.

6. Lickety spit - a quick wash.

And look at these....

7. Call Ralph - to vomit.

8. Pavement Pizza - vomit

9. Chunder - vomit.

10. Yodel - vomit.

I wonder if there are people out there that really say these things.


John said...

I should have a book like that one! It would help me converse with my cousins down under!

Mike said...

'Going to see a man about a dog'

Over on this side of the big pond it's 'Going to see a man about a horse'.

Bilbo said...

Now I know what "chunder" means ... it's bugged me ever since Men Without Hats released the song "Down Under." And as Mike points out, there are lots of variations on the theme of "Going to see a man about a (insert animal here)." "If it was raining custard I'd only have a fork" is similar to our "My ship finally came in, but I was down at the bus station." I love these slang things ... keep them coming!

vw: catuf - the sound a cat makes when you accidentally sit on him.