Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Wonder He's The Favourite

There is no doubt about it. Favoritism is very much practiced in this household. Not by the adults of course, but by the two little ones.

The focus of all their love and attention is definitely on my father. They never refuse when he asks to share their food. He is the first one that they say 'Good Morning' to. For a long time, my father was also the only person that Adrian would give a kiss to. From the minute they realize he's awake until their bedtimes, they try their best to hang around him.

It really is no mystery why this is so. My father is like a big kid and is constantly thinking up new ways for them to have fun. Very often, it doesn't even need to be something new and exciting - just an everyday job will become fun.

He took them for an afternoon of watching the comings and goings at a huge construction site.

Here's a 'trapeze'...

And here's my poor father trying his best to get his garden in order.

And there you have it, the favorite adult in our family.


Mike said...

Grandpa have it the best. They get to check out the kids to play all day and then turn them back in at night.

Mike said...


NomadicExpat said...

You've one of the best dads in the world, and I can personally vouch for that!

Bilbo said...

Speaking as an experienced grandfather, I fully agree with Mike. And your Dad looks like my kind of guy!