Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Surprising Babymoon

I'm (fairly) well rested and blissfully happy. Before the baby was born, I kept thinking of all the hard work that was ahead of me and all the pain that would come with the breastfeeding and healing.

Surprisingly, things have worked out much better. I do wake up through the night to feed the baby but it has been pain free and the baby goes back to sleep afterwards. I know its early days at the moment but this period of relative peacefulness has allowed us all to ease into life as a family of four without the stresses of having to deal with a crying baby that doesn't sleep. After 2 years and 8 months of nursing Aaron, I'm a pro and this time around, we've had no problems and it really helps to keep everyone a lot more calm.

I think the difference between having this baby and having Aaron is that with Aaron, I did not know what to expect, yet had a whole lot of expectations of how life was going to be. This time, I had an idea of what could happen but had no expectations at all on what life was going to be like. Am I making sense? Even with the significantly easier early days we're experiencing now, I think I am still prepared for the hard stuff to start at any time. An unsettled baby, sleepless nights, an upset stomach making for a zillion dirty nappies, whatever it may be, I'm rested and ready. And I'm enjoying being a mother of two more than I could have imagined.

I am constantly amazed at how little he is. And, I also keep thinking about how this is probably the last time I'll be enjoying the tiny-ness of a newborn.

Going back to my little darlings now. I know there have been questions about the baby's name.....its coming soon. Its almost decided and once we send in the registration papers and I can't change my mind anymore, I'll let you all know.


Bilbo said...

"...a zillion dirty nappies." Happy New Year! I remember one day when I'd changed my younger son's dirty diaper (this was in the days when we still used cloth diapers that had to be washed), and had just finished rinsing it out in the toilet before putting it in the diaper pail. My older son, then about 3, watched all this with interest, then pulled a clean diaper from the pile under the changing table, marched into the bathroom, and proceeded to dip it into the toilet just like dad. Happily, he went on to imitating better things...

Mike said...

The Milk Bar was closed for awhile but is now back open. Hours - 24/7.

Wv: Reonst - The babies new name?

HEY, that's an idea. Just keep pulling up word verifications until something reeeeally interesting pops up.