Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What happened to my week?

I didn't even realise it but its been a week since my last post! And its not as if I've been very busy or overly sleep deprived. In fact, we just sit around all day long and our nights are fairly decent too.

Babies definitely know how to take up time. If they aren't being fussy, they're either being cute or peaceful. I find myself staring at Adrian as he sleeps. And when he's awake, I'm still staring and wondering what he will look like as he grows.

Occasionally, I get very guilty as I stare because this thought enters my head : "Now there's a face only a mother can love." He just looks so strange when he gets fussy and screws up his face. I know not to compare but I can't help thinking back and trying to remember what Aaron was like at this age. Thankfully, Aaron was the world's fussiest baby when he was a newborn and I have only the vaguest recollection of what he was like.

As for Aaron, he continues to be incredibly mature about the latest center of attention in our household. He is sometimes the protector and occasionally also Adrian's "advocate" when he's crying. Aaron will say "I think you better feed him." or "Poor little guy. He's wet."

Under all of Aaron's cuteness, we sometimes see him feeling as if he has lost his mom. He has been asking to be carried a lot more and has also indicated that while he understands I have to spend a lot of time feeding or doing other things for the baby BUT would like me to look after him again. I do of course, but what he probably means is that 100% attention.

Its time for me to go check out the news and all your blogs. I have absolutely no idea whats been going on in the world or in the worlds of my blogging friends. Its been really nice being in the new family cocoon.


Mike said...

It's good that time is flying by. It means you're having fun whether you realize it or not.

fiona said...

i'm still staring at kaeden when he sleeps and he's nearly two.

gosh, how i wish i'm there to see your baby. love the sight of newborns. i'm the kind to hang around the window of the nursery ward.

enjoy the baby and family times!

Bilbo said...

Glad everything is going well...your friends in the blogosphere are following your adventures!

John said...

Good to hear from you Amanda. Tell Aaron that I said hi!