Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Things To Look Forward To

It turns out that yesterday was a pretty lucky day after all. We had patches of blue skies in the morning and the smelly haze seemed to have only been working at 30% for the whole day. I was really grateful for the break and had a happy day.

Actually, living in Palembang for the past two and a half years has taught me to become much simpler in my wants. Just take a look at the 13 things I'm looking forward to in Brisbane ...

1. Obviously first and foremost, I want a breath of fresh air.

2. Using water from the tap to brush teeth. We're now using bottled water.

3. Using water from the tap to cook. Once again, bottled water.

4. Drinking water out of the tap. Yup, bottled water. Obviously we buy the HUGE 19L bottles.

5. Opening my mouth and eyes in the shower without being too worried.

6. Being able to walk outside in the evenings and not get attacked by a zillion mosquitoes.

7. Being able to drive myself out and about in sane traffic.

8. Being within walking distance of shops, the river and the city.

9. Going for storytime at the libraries.

10. Going for picnics and enjoying the parks.

11. Watching Aaron play in the backyard where there is grass.

12. Sleeping with the windows opened instead of the A/C on.

13. Laughing loudly with my family.

After several hours without electricity, I'm adding another one...

14. No Power Outages!!


Father to be said...

It seems that the first 5 things in the list is about water supply in Indon. Didn't know it was that bad... I'm just glad that we have diamond filters in M'sia.. :)

Tanya said...

People at home think Im insane but when in NZ I love to walk as often as possible- footpaths,motoless roads, no rubbish everywhere, a lot less fumes and best of all even in a New Zealand summer no sweat! Oh and I look forward to the fresh just picked taste of the fruit and vege.

Mike said...

You have enough power for AC? No way!

GJ said...

What about a trip to Bribie Island for a play in the sand, followed by fish & chips.

egan said...

I'm so thankful we don't need A/C in my hometown. I think you mentioned why you have to use bottled water, but I forgot at this time. Have a good time in Brisbane.

Amanda said...

Father to be - Yup. We get really horrible water here. We have filters in as well but I can help thinking that there must be some micro organisms that will make their way though.

Tanya - I forgot about the fresh fruit and veg! I love those too. I haven't had a fresh crisp salad in a year!

Mike - Y'know, this power thing caught us completely by surprise. Before we actually moved in, we installed 3 A/Cs in the house thinking we'd keep things cool. Pointless! Luckily we can still keep one running at a time.

GJ - Definitely. I've got all the outings planned already :)

Egan - A/C's are not good for sleeping at all. Dries you up AND is actually quite noisy...even the quiet models.

There are days when the water coming out of the taps are yellowy/browny so...even on days that they appear clear, I don't trust my eyes. Everybody here uses bottled water.