Monday, September 14, 2009

Aaron And His Brother

Aaron has been steadily including the baby more and more into our everyday conversations. He has noticed that my belly keeps getting bigger and has been asking why the baby doesn't come out yet. I think he expects him to arrive any day now. I've told him January, after Christmas but I don't think time means anything to him.

He's also developed a strange habit of bumping his head against my bump and giving it a kiss. Its really strange but sweet at the same time. And if there is anybody thinking of names, its Aaron. He has suggestions for me everyday. And usually, they are names of one or other of Thomas the Tank Engine's friends. There is one that isn't an engine that he has consistently been throwing out - Ivan. He doesn't even know anybody called Ivan. Anyway, I won't be going for that name, its too similar to Aaron.

As he's shown so much interest in the baby, I've been using this opportunity to start letting him know that there will be times that I can't play with him or that I will have to do things for the baby. Aaron has proudly volunteered to help me with everything.

"I know how to sleep already. I can teach him."

"I'm bigger, I can carry him."

"I can help you change the nappies. I'll hold his hands."

Oh, Aaron also thinks that his little brother is going to start playing with him from Day 1. They are supposedly going to be playing with trains and his railway. Aaron has generously proclaimed that he will share ALL his toys.

I hope they both have a close relationship. It has really been heart warming to hear everything that Aaron has to say about his brother now.


Scott and Elaine said...

That's beautiful and touching. Aaron will make a wonderful big brother. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Only 5 days left!

Mike said...

OhOhOh! Manly name - Tank!

Nap Warden said...

Well that is just so sweet:)

Bilbo said...

Cute! I hope it lasts once his new sibling is here...

vw: hanabl - the LOL Cat who crossed the Alps to attack Rome.