Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Haze : Candle in the Wind

Yesterday was a miserable day. Not only was in hazy all day long, we also had a blackout in the afternoon!. This morning is a little less smelly but I still have that lingering headache and we all keep sneezing.

So, 09/09/09. Mike left a special comment on my last post because I get to the day first. I'm early enough today to schedule this to post at 9.09am so, why not? 9 is a lucky number in Chinese and we definitely need some luck over here....luck that we get rain or the winds blow in a different direction.

I found this on Chao Mugger. It was written for Singapore but is just as applicable here.

Haze : Candle in the Wind.

Goodbye clear blue sky
Though we never see you anymore
We hope you've not forgotten
to come back to Singapore
The fires won't stop burning
And no matter how hard we try
It seems we're edging closer
towards one thousand PSI

And it seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind
Never staying a moment longer
when the haze set in
And your memory will always haunt us
when the CD sirens wail
Your candles burned out long before
our lungs completely fail ....


Brian O said...

Just in case you guys are wondering ..... CD stands for Civil Defence .. We have warning systems fitted on top of high rise buildings ... but I really doubt that it will ever sound in the event of high PSI levels :)

fiona said...

:) lol!

the air got to my skin when we took a walk to Jenny's two evenings ago. so now we're drying our laundry indoors.

i was tempted to get out of this place too.

Mike said...

I'm surprised everyone isn't wearing gas masks over there.

egan said...

Enjoy the rest of your 090909, hoping it's less hazy than the previous days.

Bilbo said...

Although the haze is bad for your lungs, I'd guess it makes for some very beautiful sunrises and sunsets. When we were in Colorado last week, we had some glorious sunsets caused by all the smoke from the wildfires in California. I guess it doesn't balance out the breathing problems, but it does give you something to look at while you're coughing.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

According to some, the world ois supposed to end today. If you're reading this, I trust it hasn't.

Mike said...

JLP - Maybe it's ending one time zone at a time. Let's get out of here while we can. At warp 9.99.