Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Self Imposed House Arrest - DONE!

I'm free at last!

Over the past few weeks, I've stayed at home almost every day. The only time I venture out is on the weekends when Richard will be on hand to help with Aaron if needed.

The morning sickness faded about a month ago but I still found driving around in the car horrible. The roads here are terribly bumpy and the traffic is stop start for most of the way anywhere. I'm not a person who gets motion sickness but any trips in the car left me feeling a little green. Its probably also got to do with the fact that the ventilation in this car seems to let a lot of the outside fumes in!

Well, my days of self imposed house arrest are over! Car rides still make me a little bit uneasy but nothing I can't recover from after 5 minutes.

The motivating factor that got me out today are two new pairs of shorts. In a toss up between a new pair of maternity pants and TWO pairs of "normal" shorts that cost the same, I picked the shorts. But I needed to make an accessory - a bit of elastic with a button on the end.

So off I went to the haberdashery in the Perumnas market. Where else would I go? Its become my favorite go-to place for almost anything.

Just look at the range in this place. It was my first time there because I rarely do any sort of sewing here in Palembang.


My elastic extension cost me approximately USD 0.05 and it saved me from buying a pair of pants that I will no longer be able to wear in February. Instead, I'll have two extra pairs of shorts!


John said...

Thank goodness for elastic!

elizabeth embracing life said...

what a cool shop!!! And definately going with a better choice. House arrest...I like that. I need to do that more often for no reason at all.

Mike said...

It looks like that place is set up to alter anything ... fast.

fiona said...

i haven't been to perumnas market before. would like to go there soon!

is it walkable from where we stay? i always wonder what's in the other side of the estate from the other gate near my place.

Amanda said...

John - Its really the pregnant woman's best friend!

Elizabeth - LOL! House arrest got really boring after awhile. Thank you also for the insightful comment you left on my sexual predators post.

Mike - Yes, there was a girl working hard at the first sewing machine but she disappeared when I took out my camera.

Fiona - I'll take you one of these days. Definitely NOT walkable. If you like a bit more of an adventure, we can go there by angkut.