Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Friends, "New" Eyes, New Bulbs but Old Laptop

This new year has been great so far. We have new friends. Here's another one of those great fringe benefits you get from blogging. Apart from real letters and postcards from Bilbo, blogging has actually led me to meeting people in Palembang. This time, its a lovely couple from Singapore with a 9 month old baby. They live only a street away and have been there for almost as long as we've been in Palembang. We've even admired the old VW Ambulance they have on several occasions but would never have gotten to know them if the guy hadn't stumbled upon my blog. Yay!

Before I talk about the light bulbs, I've got to tell you about my "new" eyes. Some time in November, I forgot to put on my glasses when going out. AND, I didn't notice this for nearly 3hrs. My prescription isn't very high but in the past, I've always still needed my glasses if I wanted to avoid a headache. The 3hrs surprised me and I thought maybe there is a chance that things are somehow on the mend. I started doing daily eye exercises and also taking additional vitamins. Guess what?! After about a month, I started going full days without my glasses. No need for lasik!

Since coming back to Palembang, I have felt a little eye strain though. BUT, I'm sure this is because the lights here are much dimmer that I've gotten used to in Australia. When I asked those around me if they thought the lights were ok for them, I got blank stares. I could read their minds "What are you talking about? Its bright!" I don't know if its because people are trying to save on the electricity bill or what but they use really low wattage bulbs. I had the bulbs in our house changed last year but they seemed to have dimmed so I got them changed again yesterday. No more eyestrain. I wasn't just imagining it!

So thats it for the "new" things. Now the old. My laptop. Its going on 5 years OLD this coming March. The hard disk crashed a couple of months ago and we got a new one. Then, since we got back, it only started up when it felt like it. We got the hard disk reformatted yesterday and its back for now I guess. All I want is for it to be able to do very basic things (like allow me to blog) for another couple of years. Do you think laptops make it to 7 years old?


Mike said...

Your laptop can make it to whatever you want if you keep putting money into it. I'd holdout until windows 7 comes out. Maybe late this year or early next.

fiona said...

haha.. i totally understand finding this place dim. especially the nighttime streets. i got my place decked out in bright bulbs too.

hooray for your eyesight back to perfect. no chance for me!

John said...

My laptop is older than yours! It's still hanging in there but I was really hoping for a new one for Christmas...all I got was a lump on coal! (what bad boys get in the US)

Bilbo said...

Here in Washington DC the lights are bright, it's the people who are dim. As for your laptop, seven years is getting a bit long in the tooth...uh...chip. I'd start saving for a new one. If you can get it with Windows XP, get it now; otherwise, Mike's advice about waiting for Windows 7 is good, because Vista is a dog.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I agree with Mike. Wait until Windows 7. Anything bought now will be an old system soon.

Amanda said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the feedback. I think I will definitely be waiting as long as I can before buying anything new.