Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Golf in Palembang

Desperation drives people to do all sorts of things. This year, I'm desperate to get out there and do something. Learn something new. Get outdoors in Palembang more.

I have always declared that the sport that I most hate watching on TV is golf. Obviously, I don't understand the lure of the game. What is so exciting about hitting a tiny white ball with a variety of sticks, walking after it and then finally pushing it into a hole in the ground? If I wanted to sink balls, pool would be my game of choice.

Anyhow, Palembang may not have a single park but it does have a golf course. I think its around US$18.25 for the 18 holes and you don't need to be a member of the club. This is the only outdoor activity that I have identified for now. I'm sure the game is not as slow as it appears to be.

We went there on the weekend to find out about lessons. The pricing seems reasonable. I should have jotted it down but I think lessons are US$9 for an hour. You also pay US$2 for 100 balls at the driving range. And, the teacher also mentioned another US$2 for the caddy. At the driving range??? He said it was for the guy to put the little white ball down for you and to also go pick them all up after the lesson. Small matter, creates employment I suppose.

I have no idea how good or bad the teachers are or what it will mean to my long term technique if I pick up bad habits now. We're still thinking about it. In the mean time, here are some "interesting" photos from around the clubhouse.

Apart from the obvious typos, I found the listing of unacceptable attire amusing....tight and short shorts tee hee hee :)

On the one hand, its not right to laugh since English is not the language used around these parts. But on the other hand, if they insist on putting up English signs (I feel that its to appear posh), they should at least look up the dictionary, double check whatever gets printed or maybe consult an English teacher. Otherwise, they are fair game for the laughs that we had to let out as we walked around.

This one is my favorite...


Bilbo said...

Hee, hee! Great post. I tend to agree with the comedian Bill Cosby, who said he didn't understand golf...why would you put a ball 1.58 inches in diameter on top of a ball 7,926 miles in diameter, and then try to hit the little one? And then, having hit it, try to find it again? I loved the signs, too...especially the "man locker" - Agnes will be glad to know where to stow me if she's ever playing golf in Palembang.

Mike said...

Speaking of bad translations, I've seen some sites that take an english phrase, translate it to another language, and then translate it back to english. The results are hilarious. And I'm sure this works just as bad with any two languages.

Kellan said...

Those signs are so funny - and I would definitely recommend you not wear a thong to golf - tee hee! I have played my share of golf and have loved it and hated it. I think you might very well fall in love with it - it becomes very addictive and quite enjoyable!

Have fun - Kellan