Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 will be different

I went out today to buy myself a 2009 diary. Its the first time I've ever done this (buy a diary). And its the first time I've really felt that I need to do something "tangible" with the next year.

2006 was all about growing a baby.

In 2007, that baby was....still very much a baby.

In 2008 that baby grew in leaps and bounds to be a running, swimming, drawing, sometimes whining, toilet trained, mostly self feeding, 1 time a night waker.

Back to that diary I bought....

2009 will be very much the same as 2008. I don't have any plans to go back to work or anything drastic like that. We'll still be here in Palembang and my days will still be very much focused on Aaron.

I don't want to drift around the way I have been. The diary has a full page for each day and my only resolution for next year is to spend time each Sunday, planning for the week.

If I'm disciplined enough, there will be a weekly teaching plan for Aaron. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with a framework for what I want to teach him in the upcoming week and work it into some fun activities. At the end of each week, the plan is also for me to write a short summary of what worked (or didn't) and what we achieved. I believe that this slightly more structured approach to spending time with Aaron will help me feel more efficient about "mothering".

Alright, I've blogged about it. Its out there for everyone to read...hopefully it will help me stick to the plan.

Happy New Year Everybody!

To all my blogging friends: Thanks for sticking with me throughout 2008 and always leaving me insightful and funny comments. I've enjoyed all your blogs and am grateful for the virtual friendships we have. See you all in 2009!


John said...

Happy New Year, Amanda.
I'm looking forward to your '09 posts!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Amanda, Richard and Aaron. Looking forward to seeing you again next year with a little friend for Aaron. Take care, and I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

Mike said...

"If I'm disciplined enough"

Sounds like one of those hard to keep new years resolutions.

Kellan said...

Happy New Year, Amanda - to you and your beautiful family!!


Bilbo said...

Good luck with the really will require you to have the discipline to write something every day. But wait! Your ability to blog regularly bodes well for the diary...and someday far in the future Aaron and his children and grandchildren will have a tangible memory of you.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Happy New Year to you, Amanda!

NomadicExpat said...

Are you going to name it, "Amanda Lim Diary"? :-P

Gosh, you're so disciplined, you're putting me into shame.