Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy 91st Birthday

Today is my grandmother's 91st Birthday. She no longer likes going out to celebrate so we had a little afternoon tea at our house instead.

I can't imagine what it is like to be 91 years old. How does it feel to see the world evolve over nearly a century? How does it feel to know that you probably won't see many more changes happen?

My grandmother lives with my uncle and his family but I think she still has a quite a lonely life. Everybody is out at school or work during the day. During the evenings, the family has each of their own activities. My grandmother is also quite deaf now so I think she misses out on a lot of the conversation around her. We go over to visit her every couple of days and I hope that makes some difference to her long days.

Here are a few things comes to mind when I think of her:
- Very red lipstick and toenails ... in her younger days
- Very black (and shaky) eyebrows and moderately red lipstick ... now in her old age.
- Sharp fingernails that she would use to gently pinch my fingers. I have no idea why she did that but I used to enjoy it when I was a child.
- Pork fat. This is one of her favorite foods yet she does not have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.
- A draped towel over her head when she sleeps because she doesn't want the night breezes to chill her.


Bilbo said...

Grandmother looks pretty good for a lady of 91! Happy birthday!

number said...

It's good that your grandma has some unique things that makes you remember her.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I agree with Bilbo. Your grandmother looks excellent for 91. Happy Birthday to her!

John said...

Happy Birthday to your grandmother.
My mother (also Asian) loves pork fat, too.

Serina Hope said...

OMG she looks wonderful. I wouldn't think she was a day over 60. Maybe I need to eat more pork fat??
Come give me advice on my latest post when you get a chance. I value your opinion.

#1 Dad said...
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Nap Warden said...

Wow, Happy Birthday Grandmother!!!