Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Little Toddler

Aaron is just so busy these days. As soon as he opens his eyes he's off on one project or other. Collecting the plastic fruits. 'Sweeping' the floor. Drawing imaginary stars and moons. Moving the water bottles from one location to another. Lining the shoes up two by two. Looking for the frog. From his point of view, there is absolutely no time to be wasted sitting on the toilet or standing around waiting to pee.

I mentioned in a much earlier post that Aaron was toilet trained before our August trip to Brisbane but somehow got untrained during our holiday. I'm still no further along in the training now. We still have the nappy free time each day to hopefully speed up the process I think we're stagnating.

OK. So I agree that I had 'trained' him to go in his nappy from birth but that was then. Its time to change! Its not time to carry on playing with the school house while making a little lake for the toy babies. Its not time to practice moping the very convenient stream that you produce yourself. "Uh Oh" was cute at first but I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep laughing at that.

I'm sure things can only get better since he is becoming more aware of himself and is communicating more. Sticking to the toilet training plan is the way to go but there are definitely days that I wish I could just forget about it and wait until he is a lot older and can definitely feel the urges and communicate them clearly. My advise to my future self (in case of any future babies): Toilet train the baby. Not the busy toddler. And then make sure they STAY TRAINED. I found it much easier when we were training Aaron last year.

To all the experienced parents who are reading this, please leave any toilet training tips for toddlers!


NomadicExpat said...

I hope by the time I next see Aaron, I wont be praying that he's going to pee on me and I've to see him mark his territory. :-D

I already shared my mom's toilet training tips with you; I dont have any of my own. Try my mom's tips the next time you have your next baby and tell me if you feel differently, ok? :-)

Kellan said...

They do sometimes regress - and sometimes it is hard to get them back on track. I used to buy Little Billy as many colorful big boy undies as I could come up with and try to convince him to want to wear those. I used to also use a star chart and reward all my kids with the stars - that worked best for all my kids. At bed time, I just made sure that I had a mattress protector on the mattress and put them down without pullups - they don't like to wet themselves and eventually they get it - of course don't let them drink anything just before going to bed and wake them a few hours after going to bed (I only did this with one of my kids) to go potty. All kids are so different - what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for the other. Good luck and just keep trying - he'll eventually do it. See you soon Amanda - Kellan

MamaGeek said...

I have NO advice since we haven't entered that phase yet - but I can't wait to see your responses. I'm scared already.... :)

Serina Hope said...

I wish I could help here. I suck at potty training. With Z I just licked up and it happened. Now the Princess...she gets it...she is just a stubborn mule head.