Friday, May 11, 2012

Smartphones and Photo Locations

When we lived in Indonesia, friends and family used to ask me whether it was safe there. I think it was. We never did anything that brought any attention to us and I actually felt safer than I did in Malaysia.

The moved to Brisbane came with a definite sense of security. There was hardly any talk of armed robberies, break ins and snatch thieves. BUT, there was a lot of talk about cyber crimes and pedophiles. Initially, I told myself that I would try not to post photos of my children and definitely no photos that give away where we live. Slowly, but surely, I have put up more and more photos of the two boys. They're cute and I can't resist sharing that. Yet, I think I should be more careful.

I just watched this disturbing video about how photos from a smartphone come with information on location. Since I've been slow in jumping on the smartphone bandwagon, I hadn't really paid attention to this type of information before but it looks like this has been known for some time. Its scary stuff!


Scott and Elaine said...

Thanks you for this invaluable video. I have changed my settings.

Mike said...

I'm safe from geotagging because of the ancient technology I use.