Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time For A Haircut

One of the big perks of having children is that you can do (almost) whatever you like with them. Dressing them and making them clothes has been fun but they sometimes don't like to wear the things I make, and its a little disappointing.

The thing they can't escape from is having their hair cut. They can never resist the screen time they get whenever I have to cut their hair. I usually entice them with Peep And the Big Wide World or Thomas clips. Once thats on, I get snipping. And usually, I can't stop! (My very first when-I-grow-up occupation was a hairdresser.)

I was trying to grow Adrians hair to see how a two year old would look with Justin Bieber's old hairstyle. Unfortunately, his Chinese hair is un-trainable and instead of staying to the side and away from his eyes, they started to poke in. I tried hair bands and tying it back but he pulled them off. What did I expect?

No big deal, I get to do what I love doing. His fringe looked much better when it was wet and combed properly - I  might need to snip at it again. Here are his Before and After shots.

There is always a lot of talk about how the second child looses out (less attention, hand me downs, etc etc etc), BUT, the one big advantage, at least in our house, is that the haircuts get better. Look at poor Aaron here...

I've also been practicing on Richard, anyone else want to give me more practice?


Mike said...

If I ever come to visit, remind me to get a haircut first.

Scott and Elaine said...

Good job Amanda! I too have been practicing on Isabella. But i think it is easier on girls... Just cut straight at the fringe and the back.