Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Post Office Out of Stamps

Unbelievable yet true.

I have been very organized this year and got all my Christmas cards written up on the weekend. And today, I thought I would try to beat the crowds and went to the post office at 2pm - when things have been quiet in the past. Unfortunately, everybody else thought they'd go at the quiet time too and the queue extended to nearly the outside of the post office.

So after fifteen minutes of slowly creeping past all the Christmas merchandise on sale in the post office, it was finally my turn. But guess what?! No stamps left. All they could offer me was a plain white label. I was a little disappointed because the cards don't look festive at all now but I did settle for it after that long queue.

Actually, the stamps weren't my only disappointment today. I went out to get some new lights for our Christmas tree but guess what, they were sold out too! I'll just have to make another trip somewhere else tomorrow.

I'm usually very excited about Christmas but this year, that feeling hasn't set in yet. I can't decide what presents to get for anyone. I also can't decide what we should cook and when we should have our Christmas get-together. And, on top of all that, its Adrian's birthday on 27 December and once again, I can't decide what to do about it. Indecision!


Mike said...

No Christmas stamps would have launched my sister into a low earth orbit. I don't think anyone would have survived at the post office.

Scott and Elaine said...

Why don't ya just come over here and we can have a bbq pool party! My mum and brian will be over as well.. and it's his birthday, so we can celebrate together! The invitation is open. Think about it. Oh ya.. happy for you all to join us for Christmas too if you like!

Bilbo said...

Post office out of stamps? You must have been at the post office in the Pentagon. I'm sorry I missed you.

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