Friday, December 3, 2010

Is he sleeping?

Sleep? My babies don't sleep. Not in their cots, not in the car, nor pram and not after 5am. Sleep and this family have not been good friends for awhile.

And yet, today, I present you with this :

I (well, my breadmaker) baked some crusty bread ready for breakfast this morning. It was incredibly yummy and the whole family loved it. Adrian did too. He munched and munched and munched. We thought he was having a good time eating but quite suddenly, he dozed off. In his chair and with some bread still in his mouth. Go figure!


Fiona said...

aahh... the magic of fresh warm bread at work!

Mike said...

It's a miracle. See if it works again.

Scott and Elaine said...

How adorable! May I ask.. how on earth does one sleep whilst eating? Hahaha!

Bilbo said...

Quick - get a patent on that bread recipe and start marketing it to parents everywhere!! My daughter alone will almost certainly make you rich!