Friday, August 27, 2010

Distractions For An Itchy Nose

Its hayfever time for me here in Brisbane. If memory serves me correctly, August is one of the more windy months of the year and since we're moving in to spring, those winds are sending the pollen everywhere, especially up my nose.

I had forgotten all about how irritating this time of the year can be. All I can think about right now is how itchy my nose is and how I must not touch it anymore or I'll have a peeling, itchy nose tomorrow. That would be irritating AND ugly!

So, to help with the distraction, here's a list of things, from my experience, to do to distract yourself from an itchy nose:

1. Breath slowly, evenly and not too deeply.

2. Eat something. Crunchy things work best.

3. Have a steaming hot shower.

4. Bite on the collar of your T-shirt. (Unsightly but if you're at home, nobody will see you anyway.)

5. Leave your house and go somewhere else indoors. Walking in the mall is good as a distraction and also helps with the blood circulation which in turn seems to help with the itchy nose (and all the other hayfever symptoms in general.) Note: Don't go to a library. Those places make itchy noses itchier.

Alright, so I did all those things today. I also took one of those little hayfever pills but its not working yet. I think its time for me to go rummage for something to chew on. Let me know what you do when hayfever strikes.


Mike said...

Drugs are the answer. If you didn't show any specific allergies on tests then Rhynocort is the answer. It's also out in generic. (I think) I love my Rhynocort.

Bilbo said...

I had terrible hay fever when I was younger, but I had more trouble with my eyes than with my nose, oddly enough. They were always swollen, red, and watery, and would often be crusted shut when I woke up in the mother would put a washcloth soaked in witch hazel on my eyes until the crust loosened enough to fall away. Nowadays, the eyes are better, and I just get the sneezing and runny nose, which I usually used something like Sudafed for. Good luck.