Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We're finally back in Brisbane. You can't imagine how happy I was to finally step into this house again. Don't get me wrong, I love Ipoh but by the end of the eight week 'break' there, I was completely exhausted. Between the sick children and the terribly un-child friendly house, I felt as if I was operating entirely on will power alone.

Aaron had a wonderful time at the kindergarten and ended up making lots of friends and learning many social skills. Unfortunately, along with all the new songs and games that he brought home each day, he also brought back about a cold a week, a fever every couple of weeks and one round of Hand Foot and Mouth disease. All this was of course shared with Adrian. And you already know that the poor baby cut his finger and had three stitches earlier on in the trip. By the end of the trip, he also lost one toenail, from the HFMD, and right now, it looks as though one of his fingernails is also about to crack off.

Did any of that slow the two boys down? Not one bit! Aaron wasn't much of a problem but Adrian decided that he would start crawling and pulling himself to the standing position. Sometimes, he'd pull up onto a low stool and then push off walking while leaning on it. The Ipoh house was incredibly hard to keep him entertained in. The house has a mini open-air courtyard in the middle of it. Thats where we have the tortoises and some plants. It also happens to be where lazy Amanda keeps the mop and bucket. So, lots of interesting things there to attract a baby. The house is also full of low down hazards; power points, sharp and rusty computer table legs, telephone cables, etc. We did our best to child proof the place but there were still so many things that he had to be pulled back from. The hardest thing about looking after Adrian was keeping him entertained with his boring old toys while there was so much of the house to be explored.

So, after nearly two months of looking after sick but adventurous children, day and night, all that's left is this shell of a mom that needs some serious rest and relaxation. I'm getting some of that now that I have Richard to help out with some things. At least I get to sit here, blogging!

More blogging tomorrow...


John said...

Glad that you're back where you want to be. It's never easy when there are little ones to watch.

Bilbo said...

Welcome home! I thought you were back when I read your comment on my blog this morning. I'm sure things will be much better for you now, and I know we're all happy to have you back...gray hair, HFMD, and all!

Mike said...

I had to look up HFMD. Sounds like you had LOTS of fun.