Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gardener's Assistant

Aaron is no stranger to gardening. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you'll remember me blogging about him helping out in the garden in Palembang. He helped me with the planting and harvesting as well as the weeding and sweeping. The garden in Palembang was about his only playground.

Over here in Brisbane, my father is head gardener of the family and Aaron is his assistant. Its a much bigger area than our tiny strip in Palembang and there is much more to do. Our aim is to be able to eat our own vegetables for most of our meals. Its fun, healthy and somehow, food from the garden seems so much tastier.

Here's Aaron in action, fooling around with the hose that my father was trying to fix. He looks silly but I always make him wear one of my mother's old hats when they're outside. It provides a lot more shade then his little caps. As compensation, I got him those "work boots".


John said...

A Master Gardener in the making!

Mike said...

You need to get him a 'guy' looking big hat.

Bilbo said...

What Mike said - a good, shapeless fishing hat is much more manly, and it covers the ears. The boots are cool, though.

Amanda said...

John : Yes, my parents are really grooming him to grow up GREEN.

Mike/Bilbo : You're both right. I really shouldn't make him wear it anymore, even if I get a good laugh out of it.