Monday, May 17, 2010

Ups, Downs and New Worries

I know Mothers Day was over a week ago but I didn't think of this mothering topic until today. Thats what happens when you become a disorganized mom of two I guess. Even your thoughts get out of sync with the calendar year.

I've been in my new job as Mother Of Two for over four months now and here are some of my observations:

* The cute baby smiling and cooing at me everyday!

* The cute little boy still smiling at me but now, also chatting and helping me out each day.

* The two kids smiling and making noises at each other. This, I absolutely LOVE! Aaron hasn't been jealous and Adrian seems to know that this other little guy is one day, soon, going to be his best mate.

* Not wondering or even hoping that a baby will sleep through the night. This one plagued me for months with Aaron and he didn't really sleep a 5 hour stretch until nearly 3 years old.

* Not worrying if screaming in the car seat will make the baby feel hurt, abandoned and scarred for life.

* Being able to tote the baby along to Aaron's various lessons, to the malls, parks and anywhere else that we feel like going. I didn't go out much when Aaron was a baby because I was always trying to stick to a schedule at home. No such discipline second time around and life is so much more interesting!

* In general, just being a lot more relaxed about everything because I've been through most of it before. I'm experienced!

* After slowly clawing back some time for myself from the time Aaron was about two and a half, its suddenly all gone.

* I now count things like the waiting time at doctors appointments (my own, without the kids) as "Me time" where I just sit and do nothing.

* Life is twice as unpredictable as it was before. I have made many resolutions to go back to daily blogging but so many things come up each day and I have dropped so far behind that I've become a weekly blogger.

* Is Aaron going to be overly enthusiastic while I have my back turned and try to pick the baby up or something similar?

* Will I be able to give Adrian the same early years focus as I did for Aaron?

* Will we really have enough money to clothe, feed and educate two boys?

* Will they grow up to be best friends?

* Will I be able to contribute to society in some other way once the boys are both in school?

I'm sure there are more but these are the main ones in the front of my mind. Thankfully, there are more UPS than DOWNS. Phew! Unfortunately, the list of new worries gets tacked onto the end of the 'old worries' list which is already a mile long. *sigh*

Well, thats all the time I could claw out today for blogging. I'll hopefully be back within the week.


Mike said...

"to go back to daily blogging"

Lock the two of them in a room for an hour every day. We'll even come to AU and stick up for you in court when you get arrested.

egan said...

These ups and downs sound very similar to what we still say as a parent of one child. You're doing a great job even if it's nearly impossible to find "me time".