Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tree Planting

Today, Aaron and I did our tiny little bit for the environment. We planted two trees.

It was a lovely day and coincidentally, the event today comes at a time when Aaron is beginning to be aware of how we damage our environment and how we need to be responsible in order preserve it for future generations.

We borrowed a book about endangered animals recently and that sparked his awareness of how hunting practices and also encroachment into natural habitats are causing many animals to become extinct. The book was about a little boy that ended up making cards to sell in order to raise money to protect animals.

So of course, Aaron thought that it was the only way he could help and he had to help. That started us talking about how we can help by being more conscious in our everyday lives. Not just for animals but all aspects of the environment.

I'll be honest. I have neglected to raise these issues with Aaron previously. It just never occurred to me to talk about these things but his interest and eagerness to 'do the right thing' has now motivated me to raise him to be more environmentally conscious. Of course, its going to have to start with me.

Its not hard and I do believe that teaching children to care about our environment should be as natural as teaching them to identify various construction machinery or learning about the various professions. Things are still a little simplistic now but in time, I'm sure he will grow up to have the type of mentality that will nurture and preserve our environment for future generations.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good for you. Well done, Amanda.

Mike said...

He'll get to see this tree grow up. You could take a picture and measure it on this day every year.

egan said...
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egan said...

Preserving the environment is tough with the little ones since they don't quite understand the whole limited quantities of trees, water, clean air, etc. Good on you for the tree planting. It has to start somewhere and it's never too late to care.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Amanda, I came across your Blog by chance, via Google when I was surfing, looking for old days babies sleeping in sarongs tied to a spring hang from the ceiling.

Saw your grandma's pic and other relatives and busybody here.
I too hail from a Nyonya background, but cannot vouch whether my ancestors were pirates or opium smugglers.....

Nice blog you have and glad to learn you from a Nyonya background. Bet you make a fantastic sambal belachan, huh?
You have a great week and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.