Sunday, April 11, 2010

We Need Immunity !!

Its not even winter yet and we've already had 9 colds in this household. I'm not proud of these statistics.

The first round started with Aaron who passed it to Richard, who then passed it back to Aaron who passed it to Richard AGAIN. By then, my army of antibodies must have gotten tired of fighting all those germs because I finally got it and eventually, so did the baby. That round robin lasted about 3 weeks.

We've been clear for 2 weeks but it has started again.

The culprit is Aaron again, who then passed it to Richard. This time, I only lasted two days and now I think I'm getting it and so is the baby. *sigh*

What is it with all of us? We're a family who eats healthy, doesn't go out to the crowds all that often and who spends a huge chunk of the monthly budget on supplements. What are we doing wrong?

Maybe we're not strict enough with Aaron's hand washing. He's the one that has bringing the bugs home. And Richard and I .... well ... I don't know. Maybe we aren't getting enough sleep. Maybe we need to wash our hands more. Adrian doesn't stand a chance does he? At least he'll be building his immunity with all the germs floating around here.

So from now on there will be a lot of hand washing. I'm adding more garlic into our cooking. I think I'll change the supplements we're currently taking. Then its complete isolation for whoever sneezes. That person definitely will not be riding in cars with anybody else. Something needs to be done about these crazy colds!


Scott and Elaine said...

Oh dear,.. I hope we didn't pass our germs on to you. Last week, scott had the cold.. we thought he was just run down.. then Isabella got it for 2 or 3 days, now it has caught up with me. I've had it since Wednesday, and the cold has finally reached my chest. Out of the lot of us, I always seem to suffer the worst. Maybe it's my bad diet. Possibly also due to my low immunity being pregnant.

Anyway, I really hope we didn't pass it on to you all. Apologies if we did.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Perhaps you're just not used to the climate?

Mike said...

Try and keep you hands away from your eyes and your nose. That's how 95% of people catch colds.

fiona said...

Sorry you've all been sick. I have a totally different take on causes though, so you've given me Blog INSPIRATION for which I thank you ;0)xx

egan said...

Wait, you have a baby right? As diligent as you can try to be, the young ones are still going to get sick. There's not a ton you can do about it during those first 6-12 months. It's no fun though, I feel your pain.