Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey! What Happened?

Aaron is baby #1. That meant that I only had him to look after and I had my eyes on him all the time. I also had my camera on him so often that I actually have a video of the very first time he rolled over from his tummy to his back.

Adrian, baby #2. No less loved, but definitely less looked at (thats looked AT, not looked AFTER) and less photographed. Hey, my attention is divided now. And not just by two either.

Anyhow, I was out harvesting some of our okra when I heard Aaron yelling for me to come back. I had left Aaron to his lunch and Adrian on the floor, playing contentedly.

When I got in, Aaron was pointing at Adrian and shouting "Look! Look!". I took a quick look at the baby. He looked fine. Not hurt. Not crying. Whats the problem?

So I look back to Aaron, "What?"

And he says, extremely proudly and excitedly "Adrian rolled over! I saw him!".

D'oh! How did I miss that? He was having some tummy time when I left and now he was face up! Not only did I miss the actual roll over, I didn't even realize it when I saw him face up.

The best I could do was capture the moment immediately after the first roll over. He just looked so dazed....

Don't worry, I didn't put him on top of a sarong over the hard, tiled floor. Its actually a sarong, over a yoga mat, on top of the tiled floor.

This reminded me of a story that Mike left me about subsequent children:
First kid - Pacifier hits the floor. Mother grabs it and boils it in hot water to sterilize it.

Second kid - Mother picks up pacifier of the floor, wipes it off and gives it back to kid.

Third kid - Mother takes pacifier out of dogs mouth and sticks it back in kids mouth.


Bilbo said...

We're already seeing fewer pictures of #2 local granddaughter Elise than of #1 local granddaughter Leya. For my part, it's because Leya spends so much time wanting me to play with her that I don't have the time to take pictures of her sister. Sigh.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You've got to watch all the time for those important events.

Mike said...

"I didn't even realize it.."

That's the really funny part.