Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Torture by Bedbugs at Avillion

I wonder if there is such a torture technique in use. If not, they really should try it out because I WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING right now if you can stop the itch from my 52 bites. Yes. Fifty Two. They are driving me c r a z y ! ! ! (Yesterday I posted fleas/ticks but after looking at bites on the internet, they look like bedbug bites)

I remember watching an episode of the Mythbusters that investigated the Chinese Water Torture. The conclusion was that the water droplets weren't all that stressful but the immobilization and inability to do anything about the water flowing down your face and the itch it caused was what caused this form of torture to be effective.

Since I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be scratching, I see it as a form of immobilization. I can't have anything brush up against any of the bites or the incessant itching kicks up a notch to an intense feeling of something wriggling around in the bite. This of course means that nights and Aaron's nap times are the worst because most of the bites are on my legs and laying down is torture!

The second part to this torture is when I do mobilize and succumb to a few seconds of intense scratching. Ah....a few moments of satisfaction but right after that, the itch comes back worse.

Alright, after the first day, I told Richard that I would definitely go back to that resort. That was before I was attacked. Now, I'm so disappointed. It was a lovely resort that is convenient to get to and fantastic for families with little kids. But, how can I willingly return to this place.

So, this post is my warning to any would be visitors of Avillion Port Dickson. By the way, I don't think I got the bites from the bed but from the beach deck chair instead. So next time, just remember to sit on towels? Who knows? Bedbugs really are everywhere when you travel....


Surfergirl said...

man! sorry to hear about the bites. that's a lot! but glad you enjoyed your time apart from the bug issue.
the resort looks really heavenly from the site. maybe address a complaint letter?

John said...

Sea lice are a common malady for beach goers. Hannah manages to get several bites the last time we were at a beach.

Bites from invisible baby jellyfish are also a common irritation. You may be experiencing one or the other of these.

Sorry for your discomfort.

Nap Warden said...

That is such a bummer. It happened to me once, and I was miserable!

MamaGeek said...

OH NO say it ain't so! 52? You poor thing! Last summer I got swimmer's itch and broke out all over and was MISERABLE so I send you well wishes!

Polar Bear said...

Bedbugs are endemic these days in inner city Sydney.
backpackers, working holidaymakers, transients, and a general mobility of population adds to the problem.