Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Favourite Tops Needed

I have a uniform when it comes to my pyjamas. They are these three identical t-shirts that I just rotate through from night to night. I got them for free about 20 years ago when my mother bought some hair products.

They may be my favorite night time wear but last week, Aaron was genuinely upset when he noticed the row of holes along the middle section. I don't understand why but it bothered him so much that my clothes were 'broken'. He wouldn't go to bed until I changed. Last night, I happened to pick out the same shirt again, he saw them and insisted that I HAD to change before he went to bed. I'm still trying to understand why he reacts this way to the holes.

I don't know whether its just the age of all my favorite pieces of clothing or something to do with the way we do laundry here but I've noticed that many of my regulars are starting to wear out.

Ever since we moved to Palembang, I rarely need to dress up to go anywhere. Heck, I don't even need to dress 'going out casual'. Its just a tank top and shorts every day. So, I've fallen into a habit of wearing the same 3 favorite tops, 2 backups so I don't wear the same 3 too often and a pool of about 8 pairs of shorts.

Its not as if I don't have any other tops but I just like those few. I have tens of others that I've only worn a few times and even some with the tags still on but they just don't have that same worn feeling to them.

Well, the 'worn' feeling is fast turning into 'worn out' because they are starting to fray. I think its partly to do with the water here and also maybe the long hours that we leave the clothes out in the strong sun.

I need to appoint some new favorites soon so I can get them worn in.


John said...

20 years sounds like a long life for a T-shirt. Just the other night, my Aaron was making fun of the worn out T-shirt that Chris was wearing to bed. It was a freebie from working on a playground building project about 15 years ago. He suggested that it was time to find a new old shirt to wear to bed!

Bilbo said...

I don't have many old, comfortably worn-out clothes, because Agnes makes me throw them out. Sigh.

Nap Warden said...

Wow...sounds like those shirts are ready to retire:)

Kellan said...

I tend to wear the same bunch of clothes over and over, even though I have lots of other outfits - favorites!

Have a good day - Kellan

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds like Aaron wants you all smart!

Mike said...

I hesitate to add the 6th comment here. You'll start blogging about your clothes but you'll run out of material really quick.

GJ said...

I think Aaron is a little worried in the decline in mummy's attire standard ,LOL :-)
He doesn't want the other kindy kids asking "what's your mum wearing?" just joking!!

Also the washing machines here can be a bit savage on your clothes too. You also need to conside that the staff don't necessarily discriminate between good clothes and not so good clothes, and will treat that ball gown the same as the "holey nightie"


GJ said...

BTW, the cost of t-shirts here means there is no excuses not to have some new sleepwear, even if they may be ugly in design