Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

13 Things I Miss About Working (outside the house)

1) My cubicle. I liked having that little box of space all to myself.

2) Regular recognition of the work I did. I know Aaron rewards me too but I still miss that other type of 'tangible' acknowledgment.

3) Being a part of cutting-edge technology. I can't claim to have understood it all but the atmosphere was always so exciting and full of optimism.

4) Office gossip and "boss-bashing" sessions. Yes, gossiping isn't anything to be proud of but it happens and I do have fond memories of those funny times.

5) All expenses paid business trips. I REALLY miss those.

6) The international team I worked with. Of course I didn't like all those early morning or late night conference calls but I loved getting to know all those people. I'm thankful to still be able to call some of those people 'friends' even now.

7) Being able to call tech support whenever my computer was acting up.

8) Having the occasional day where there was just NO WORK to do.

9) Having many days where there was so much work that I could hardly fit in bathroom breaks.

10) Having the freedom to choose when to work on each task. I now have a little director supervising me. Well, I had a boss back then too but he was only interested in the end result.

11) The too cold air-conditioning. I could really use some of that now.

12) In a weird way, I miss Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. The mom job has equalized all 7 days.

13) In a small way, I miss my own income. Don't miss it a lot but I can't think of anything else that I miss.


Bilbo said...

Here's my take on some of your 13 things you miss about working:
1. I hate cubicles, having once had a large and beautiful office all to myself.
2. Recognition? What's that?
5. The trips used to be great, until the airline travel experience became such torture.
9. Welcome to MY world!
11. In the Pentagon, the too-cold air conditioning is a function of the fact that it's more important to keep all the computers cool than all the workers comfortable. Sweaters are the order of the day.

But I think you were just cut out to be a comes through in every one of your posts. Someday, you'll get an outside job again, but you probably won't enjoy it as much!

Amanda said...


Thanks Bilbo. I do like being a mom and I hope that I will do a proper job of it.

John said...

20 years ago when we decided to have kids, we made the decision that that Chris would be a "stay-at-home" mom.

I know that she sometimes missed the work environment and the recognition for a job well done. I'm sure that she missed her own income but maybe not too much...she's the organized one and handles the finances in our relationship. My check is direct deposit and then in her control!

I'm sure that she missed many of the things that you mentioned. On the other hand...many working moms don't even know what they are missing. Child care providers may not notice or tell parents that their child took his/her first steps while they were at work or made a discovery about how a toy works or said a new word. I was jealous of the time that Chris got to spend with the kids and yet so happy that it was her and not a "hired hand." I looked forward the report each day of what the kids did that day.

It's a good thing that I didn't have to pay Chris for the job she did as a mom. In a lifetime--I wouldn't be able to earn enough to properly compensate her.

From your blog friends...Good job, Amanda. No Raise. No new office. Just recognition for being a good mom.

Amanda said...

John, thank you very much :)
Both for sharing your experiences with Chris and also for the recognition.

Mike said...

3? - These days you get behind on technology by taking bathroom breaks.

JUST A MOM said...

well well well I love your list it is well written and so true we take some much for graned don't me... have a great weekend