Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12

13 Things To Get Done Soon-ish

1) Complete a new 'map' for Aaron with a musical and counting theme.

2) Resuscitate my garden. The combination of hot weather, no rain and poor soil seems to be taking its toll on all my plants. The Okra have lost most of their leaves. The winged beans also look like they are heading that way. I dug out the Zucchini plants some time ago because it just looked so sick. Right now, only the tomato plant seems relatively healthy. I need to rescue them all....

3) Research my 'old age list'. I try to stay healthy by exercising and eating right. However, I thought of boosting the effectiveness of this by making a list of all the common ailments people encounter in their later years. Then, perhaps I can do the right things from now to hopefully avoid some of them.

4) Complete my 1001 things in 101 days list.

5) Major clean up of my hard disk. I need more space.

6) Backup Aaron's photos. I should do this weekly but its so easy to put off. I think i have 13 weeks of photos sitting dangerously unbacked up on my hard disk.

7) Organise all my music CDs/MP3s. They're all over the place now. In my desk drawer, next to the TV, saved on my too full hard disk. We need some ORDER :)

8) Start a family photo album. My plan is to have one for each year. I think its nice to have a physical photo album that I can pull out to look at.

9) Go for our first professional family photos. I've noticed that its relatively inexpensive to get this done in Palembang. Why not give it a go?

10) Repack my first aid and emergency packs (y'know, passports, money etc in one place). I had this done some time ago but then made the mistake of dipping into them for odds and ends and now everything is a mess.

11) Invite the few new people that we've met over for lunch. I'd like to say barbecue but this is definitely not the climate to be standing in front of any sort of heat. I'll just order in since I don't want to scare them away from future invitations.

12) Go for a day trip to the outskirts of Palembang. There are a lot of smaller villages and farms there that we have not been to.

13) I'm not sure if I can actually do this one. I've noticed that there is at least one Bidan in every neighborhood. A Bidan is a 'midwife'. I'm not sure what sort of training they receive (probably traditional) but I think it would be very interesting to see how they operate. I've been wondering if one of them would let me spend a day following them around.


Mike said...

5) Major clean up of my hard disk. I need more space.
This is a site called "crap cleaner". It gets rid of evey useless thing on your hard disk. You might want to uncheck 'cookies' before you run it if you have automatic logons set up through cookies.

Kellan said...

You list of things to do, reminds me of my long list of things to do - YUCK!

Have a good day - hope you are relaxing today. Kellan

MamaGeek said...

Now that's quite a to do list. Which also reminds me .... to stop BLOGGING and start working! :)

zero_zero_one said...

Another cool Thursday Thirteen :)

By the way, 1001 things in 101 days??? Please tell me you mean the other way around! :D

Amanda said...

YES! I have it the wrong way!! I can't even get 101 on my list let alone 1001. LOL!