Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reunion Meals & Home Casinos

The eve of Chinese New Year is when each family will have their reunion dinners. I have no idea how other families do it but we have always had a reunion lunch at my maternal grandmother's house and then a dinner at my paternal grandmother's. Some years, there is literally insufficient chairs in the house to fit everyone that has come home. This wasn't one of those years but there was still a pretty good crowd.

There is always a table for adults and one for kids. I graduated from the kiddy table when I got married but this year I find myself back there again because of Aaron. Aaron is really the only kid there as all my cousins are now grown up.

This year, we didn't go to my paternal grandmother's house but invited her and my uncle over to our house instead. For the first time, my grandmother suggested that we played blackjack. It is extremely common for families and friends to gamble during this season but we never did this in the past. We've been missing out on a lot of FUN!


Bilbo said...

That must have been fun! How much did you win at blackjack?

Serina Hope said...

It looks like you had so much fun!!