Friday, February 1, 2008

Roti Canai

I'm down to my last 13 days in Ipoh. I have to schedule many more meals into my days so that I can get all the cravings for Ipoh food out of my system before I leave.

Roti Canai is an Indian bread/pancake that I really like but somehow forgot to have more often this trip. The tossing, flipping and stretching of the ball of dough into a thin sheet that is finally folded into a square is always mesmerising.

The original Roti Canai must have been just a plain square but these days you can get all sorts of fillings; banana, eggs, cheese, onions. I usually just have the plain one or occasionally, the banana one.

So, the Roti Canai is going to be tomorrow's breakfast.....time to think of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.


Bilbo said...

Hmmmm...I don't suppose they deliver, eh?

Anonymous said...

oh i love roti canai!!!

neko said...

hi..jz happened 2bump in2 ur postXD
im doing my assignment on malaysian food for my malaysian studies assignment..n i happen 2b doin roti canaiXD