Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heat, Humidity and THE HAZE

After a few days in Singapore last week, we're back in Malaysia again. I was ready for the heat and humidity    and was prepared for that. Unfortunately, our visit also coincided with the annual haze season. The haze is what blows over from Indonesia's Riau province when they carry out their yearly forest clearing. Here is what the suffocating smog looked like as we were leaving Singapore.

Thankfully, it is raining in Penang, Malaysia right now. And hopefully, things will clear up over the next couple of days because we're heading to the beach on Friday.

The main purpose of our trip was to celebrate Richard's father's 75th birthday. Richard's brother is also back from the US and the kids are meeting their cousins for the first time. There is a four year old girl and one year old boy for Aaron and Adrian to play with and they have been been getting along NOISILY! Apart from countless meals with various uncles, we have been doing touristy things and trying to infuse a bit of Malaysia into these children.

There is no doubt that I am enjoying the food here. I don't miss the food when we're in Australia but when I see it here, I just have to eat, eat, eat. We barely have time to finish digesting one meal before we start stuffing ourselves with the next. And when I'm not eating, I'm thinking of what I want to eat next. For example, I think I'll have some fried carrot cake for dinner tonight. Its probably not the type of carrot cake you have in mind. I'll take a photo and put it up here another day.


Mike said...

That smog is unbelievable. In the US they would be arresting people for doing that.

Bilbo said...

I envy you the opportunity to travel as you do ... even if you can't always see everything in Singapore very well. I'll be interested in seeing the fried carrot cake, as I'm a HUGE fan of carrot cake! I just ordered two dozen gourmet cupcakes from the famous Georgetown Cupcakes bakery for our family 4th of July party, and they cost a minor fortune. I'll put up pictures next week.

Amanda said...

Mike - It really is unbelievable...and it happens every year to varying degrees. I wonder when somebody will be held accountable...

Bilbo - I'll need to get you a better photo of the fried carrot cake. I was too eager to eat and the photo I took doesn't show it well.