Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm a late adopter in almost everything so it comes as no surprise that it has taken me until now to try out a Zumba class. My sister-in-law first told me about it several years ago but I never made it to any of the classes - until Monday. Richard has been back for his rostered week off and since last Wednesday, I have been trying to get to the gym as often as possible. Every time he comes back, we cram so many things into the one week that I never have time to blog.

So yesterday, I went for my first Zumba class. And, I was disappointed. The instructor did not have a motivating way about her. Firstly, she looked like she has had a few too many McDonalds dinners and secondly, she didn't use a microphone. Maybe thats how Zumba classes are, I don't know. She just wasn't good at communicated what she wanted us to do. Trying to yell over the music or use weird hand signs just didn't work. I didn't even break a sweat in that class and left wondering how the Zumba craze even got started.

It was disappointing but I thought I should give it another go because these classes are so dependent on a good instructor. Off I went again today and it was much better. The choreography was different and I did finish the class feeling like I've had a workout. It wasn't as much of a cardio workout as I had imagined it would be (clogging seems to work me harder) but its a fun class to go to that you don't need to feel any pain in. If I needed extra laughs, all I needed to do was look at myself in the mirror.

Will I go for more Zumba classes? Yes, but I won't go out of my way to make it there. I think I like it for the music and also for the training in hand and feet co-ordination. Oh, and of course, hip wiggling - I can't do that either.

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Mike said...

Mess with the instrutors mind by breaking into a clogging routine right in the middle of the class.