Friday, November 23, 2012

20 Year Reunion Jitters

I've known for most of this year that my 20 year High School Reunion would be in November. And, for most of the year, I had it in my mind that I would not go. I liked the idea of going and thought it might be nice to meet up with some old friends but I still felt that I was not prepared to go. With my significantly compromised social skills, its hard enough work to mingle with people that I see regularly so the prospect of meeting up with a big group of strangers (which is basically what a group of people you haven't seen in 20 years is) was too daunting and I wasn't going to attempt it. And of course, there would be that inevitable question "What have you been up to?". Exactly. What have I been up to?

Twice during the year, I met up with the one of the two high school friends that I have kept in contact with. This girl has been excited about the reunion from the first mention of it. That made me feel all the more insecure because I was being such a wuss about the whole thing. Two days before the registration closing date, this same friend sends me an email, asking if I had my ticket. She still sounded very excited about it all.

I wasn't going to be that pathetic person and immediately signed up and got myself a ticket. I also sent her an email saying I had my ticket but I was feeling very apprehensive about it all. Guess what?! She wrote back saying that she was too. She was excited initially but now she almost didn't want to go but felt that she had to because its been 20 years. Phew! This is from the most accomplished person I know so maybe I'm not so pathetic after all. As a reminder of our past, she rang up this evening with a question that I haven't heard since high school "What are you wearing?"

A group of mothers I was talking to today also made me feel a little more normal. They too use their kids as an excuse to get out of awkward mingling situations. They also wonder if they talk too much, or too little. Going anywhere solo is a big deal when you spend all day, every day, communicating with little ones who may or may not fully communicate yet. 

So tomorrow is the day. I can't back out now so I'll just have to make sure that I enjoy myself and hopefully find some new 'old' friends. Any tips?


John said...

Amanda, I can't imagine you being socially awkward. Be yourself. You'll be fine.

Mike said...

You and your friend can camp out at a table in the corner and let people come find you if they really want to.

"What have you been up to?"

You're an international blogger!

Scott and Elaine said...

Wow.. Good on you for going! I haven't been to any of mine. I am sure you will be fantastic and have loads of fun! Don't forget to take loads of pics to share with us! And say hi to Cath Jamieson if you see her! She is the only one i know from your school. Lol. By the way, i am sure most of the other girls will be just like you - mothers with young children. If all fails, you can always talk about your beautiful children. I am sure there is lots to talk about them! Have a fab night! Xxx

Scott and Elaine said...

By the way, did you know that Miranda Kerr went to All Hallow's too? Who would've thought, huh?

Amanda said...

John - I read these comments before heading out to the reunion and I had the 'be yourself' in mind the whole time. You were right.

Mike - People did come to look for us. Phew! Although, 'international blogger' has sort of the same ring as 'secret agent' so, I didn't mention that.

Elaine - I did not know that! Just imagine her wearing that brown uniform...wonder if she made it look good? She'd have no problems with the 'what have you been up to?' question at her 20 year reunion.

Btw, Catherine didn't go. At least I'm pretty sure she didn't go.