Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Shoe Phone!

Adrian has no idea who Maxwell Smart is but they seem to have the same idea about shoes!

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Mrs BC said...

That is so funny! I wonder who he is talking to?

Sannah said...

Very cute! Who needs toys???
x Sannah

Mike said...

He's calling 99 and asking her if she got through the gate yet.

Tamara said...

Ha ha Great image

Bilbo said...

Maybe he's ordering some takeout filet of sole from the local restaurant.

Amanda said...

Mrs BC - Its always funny to listen to those imaginary conversations. Very often he's imitating things that I've said in the past, like "I'll be there soon." or "Don't forget to get the milk (or whatever)"

Sannah - Exactly! Household items are always so much more fun.

Mike - I think I should let the two boys watch Get Smart, don't you? They already pretend they're secret agents now so....might as well get to know 99 and 86.

Tamara - Sometimes I have to forget about how dirty things are because the photos are so cute.

Bilbo - Ha! Ha! I do like puns!

Lisa@RandomActsOfZen said...

That's precious, and he probably doesn't even know how cute it is!

Ang Meltingmoments said...

My two do exactly this all the time. I also keep thinking of Maxwell Smart. Very cute.