Friday, October 26, 2012

Its Music Time

TGIF! is no longer something I yell out on Friday mornings. My weekend mornings are exactly the same as my weekday mornings. On Saturdays Aaron has to be at gymnastics by 9am and on Sundays we go to mass at 8.30am. There are no slack mornings for me. No roaming around in my PJs and taking my time to get breakfast ready. No lounging around doing nothing. No letting the children get away with not eating breakfast. I've got to do something about this next term.

There is no point in whinging so my remedy for the energy sapping effects of my daily grind is this album by Caro Emerald that I've only recently discovered - Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor was released in 2010. She's a dutch jazz singer that has been popular in Holland since 2010. I like all the songs on the album but I think my favorite is That Man. I don't particularly like this video but I'm definitely hooked on the song.

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Mike said...

So if you were clogging to this you could spontaniously break into swing dancing.